We cater our services for various industries

We are a well-experienced software development company that has completed numerous projects. Mostly these projects are of various industries. This makes us a versatile company that can deliver projects of several industries.



We have the expertise to develop software applications in various domains that work on variety of platform. We have expertise and experience in working enterprise, desktop, web , mobile and system software.

A software is a window to your business WillsFly Technologies specializes in the developing customized software to automate your business and increase efficiency without exceeding your budget.

We deliver software solutions within the context of business objectives and strategies of our clients.



WillsFly Technologies has been helping financial customers to meet their needs and save IT costs tremendously.

For financial institutions, branded mobile apps have gone from a luxury to a customer expectation.

An Intelligent Finance App not only help People track their expenses but also make them financially smart.



As the Telecommunications Industry both transforms and is transformed by technology, you need an IT partner that’s leading the way.

Our telecommunications experience can move you forward at light speed.

WillsFly Technologies understands this and works to align business process to emerging customer needs, using technology to turn industry disruption into competitive advantage.



WillsFly Technologies has a core team with experts in banking functions and banking technology. WillMarg model helps focus on an integrated approach to banking technology and operations.

WillsFly Technologies has a strong capability in Consulting for the Banking Industry. The key services under consulting include Strategic Consulting, Business Process Consulting and Consulting for Banking Technology.

And dives into the morning light



WillsFly Technologies has been helping insurance companies by leveraging our years of business experience and advanced technologies.

We partnered with leading technologies leaders to tailor industry specific technologies to our valuable customers.

Ability to leverage alliances with best-in-class providers of the latest technologies.



WillsFly Technologies competencies in the Manufacturing Industry are rich, having successfully implemented many full life cycle Enterprise Solution projects.

We have cross functional people in Technology (ERP + PLM). The Domain Experts offer the best of the breed implementation designs as per the requirements.

WillsFly Technologies facilitates the reduction in concept-to-execution time, ensures high quality deliveries and helps in cutting integration and development costs.



Our Healthcare & Life Sciences business unit combines best-of-breed technology and delivery excellence of services equipped the demands of rapidly-modernizing industries.

The life sciences industry is battling challenges, namely, falling R&D productivity, patent cliffs, increased regulations, margin pressures, price-sensitive markets and industry consolidation.

We address your needs of improved visibility and brand awareness, smart launch sequencing, better response to market events, better pricing models and improved field effectiveness..



Our solutions are redefining the way people access healthcare services

Integrate a robust, wireless mobile infrastructure to address the rising demand created by the dynamic environment consist of healthcare providers, clinicians, and patients.



Enable the power of data expertise for education services with deep analytics capabilities and open standards for creating interactive learning models.

Impart personalized learning experience to students for improving their outcomes to ensure optimized sustainability of institution’s technology infrastructure.

Our Education Enterprise Apps help you increase faculty productivity and manage smoother flow of business process.



Our solution provides real-time tracking of all your vehicles and workforce on a single map interface.

We provide you with solution which will help you to manage delivery routes & dispatch schedule in a cost-efficient way.

Our brokerage business tools speed up finding the right carrier and negotiating the right deal to help you maximize margins.



The technology boom and the complexity of logistics processes have spawned logistics management software that expedites the movement of resources along the supply chain.

Mobility solutions help shipping firms navigate the transformation transportation industry has undergone.



We help companies design and implement strategic solutions for building brand loyalty and, in turn, reducing distribution costs and reaching customers and prospects.